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Effective Leadership & Decision Making course



Professor Tony Buzan is the author of over 140 books that have appeared in 40 languages on Mind Mapping, memory, speed reading, creativity and innovation, thinking, inspiration, genius, leadership and the brain; he is one of the world’s most effective public speakers – acknowledged by Forbes as in the top five speakers today, and has acted as Dean of the Renaissance Leadership Academies of Prince Philipp of Liechtenstein and President Vicente Fox of Mexico. He has lectured on Mind Mapping and Global Mental Literacy in 79 countries, working with schools, universities, and multinational corporations. Buzan has also taught, over the decades, Olympic athletes, majorly in the sports of .rowing, boxing, and swimming 

Professor Tony Buzan was specifically invited by King Hasan II of Jordan, from amongst all the world’s leaders, educators and thinkers, to address a conference of Nobel Laureates in Petra 2008. He holds the Torrance Test accolade for the most outstanding results in Creative Thinking. Above all he is the Inventor of Mind Maps, the system of creativity and note taking which has swept the educational establishments, corporate boardrooms and government cabinet offices of the world.

With over 40 years of research on the mysteries of the brain, Tony Buzan has helped millions of people around the world to develop and refine techniques for creative thinking, enabling them to use their brains to their full potential; to ‘awaken the brain’ and unleash the creativity of the Intellect.

He launched his own software programme to support Mind Mapping called iMindMap in December 2006, which has enjoyed widespread adoption as a business tool, within global organisations such as Disney, Microsoft, NASA and the United Nations. What began as a study technique has developed into a versatile thinking tool with applications ranging from business analysis and project planning to delivering presentations.


Professor Buzan is also a published and prize-winning poet, with the world of poetry already engaged with his Structure in Hyperspace and eagerly awaiting his Homeric and Daliesque Epic, “Aman”. He has been nominated for The Nobel Peace Prize, won countless leadership awards from governments, corporations and educational institutions, and has visited 79 countries in his quest to bring about Global Mental Literacy and educate - via The Butterfly Universe Project - the millions of children of all creeds, gender, race and physical or mental ability across the planet—and beyond!

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kuwait international boat show 2015

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Earth Hour

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feb kuwait

جدول حفلات « فبراير الكويت 2015».
- يوم 19 مارس: عمرو دياب، نوال الكويتية، عبد السلاممحمد، مساعد البلوشي.
- يوم 20 مارس: «فنان العرب محمد عبده، أمال ماهر.
- يوم 26 مارس: رابح صقر، نجوى كرم، إبراهيم الحكمي، إسماعيل مبارك.
- يوم 27 مارس: ماجد المهندس، اليسا، مطرف المطرف، أيمن الأعتر.

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KOC Carnival

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افتتح بارض المعارض بمشرف حديثة الديناصورات التي يعرض فيها مجموعة مختلفة من انواع الديناصورات بأحجامها الحقيقة مع تجهيزها بأصوات وحركات تبدو كأنها حقيقة كما يوجد في الحديثة سينما ومجموعة متنوعة من الالعاب الخاصة بالاطفال وتستقبل الحديقة الزوار يوميا حتى الساعة 10 مساء وتستمر حتى نهاية شهر ابريل 2015

kuwait Dino park

مشرف – ارض المعارض – خلف صالة 6


رسوم الدخول 4 دك

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Kuwait Food Festival 2015

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